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Rauf Ashraf || United States to Canada

Every person in this world is unique. So is Rauf Ashraf Rauf Ashraf is the only child.

Rauf Ashraf was born in the United States. That is Rauf Ashraf’s native. That is were his parents are from.

Rauf Ashraf ’s rich father was working for an international IT Company, which has its branch all over the world.

Rauf Ashraf ’s mother does not work and was a lovable mother, who was simply taking care of her son.

In Rauf Ashraf ’s young ages, Rauf Ashraf’s family moved from United States to Canada, where Rauf Ashraf ’s Father got his job transfer. Now it was time to start a life in Canada.

Rauf Ashraf || Canada to Australia

Little Rauf Ashraf starts his new life with his family in Canada. Rauf Ashraf joined to his new school.

It was the first time for Rauf Ashraf to make new friends and mingle with other students.

Rauf Ashraf was about to get closer with his class mates, but it did not happen, as Rauf Ashraf and his family have to move again to another country, as his father got job transfer to Australia this time.

Rauf Ashraf || Australia to London

Rauf Ashraf has to set up his life again new in an unknown place. Again Rauf Ashraf joined a school in Australia, where Rauf Ashraf could continue his studies.

Rauf Ashraf spent about 8 years, in Australia, again in different parts of it, which made Rauf Ashraf ’s family move again from one state to other states in the same country.

Nevertheless Rauf Ashraf was able to finish his studies in Geography.

It is not surprising that Rauf Ashraf had interest in Geography, as Rauf Ashraf ’s family was moving around to different places respectively different parts of the world.

Now, Rauf Ashraf has to shift to a new place due to Rauf Ashraf’s fathers job transfer.

This time it is United Kingdom. As usual, Rauf Ashraf could not make good friends as Rauf Ashraf was never for a long time in the same state. It was time to move to London.

Rauf Ashraf || Own journey starts

Rauf Ashraf and his parents moved to London. Again Rauf Ashraf has to settle in an unknown place, which was not new for him. This time there was other kind of changes.

Rauf Ashraf was thinking to start a new life after his studies, but one incident changed everything.

Rauf Ashraf ’s mother died in a car accident. Rauf Ashraf ’s mother was the only person who was around him all the time.

Suddenly she is no more… She left Rauf Ashraf . Rauf Ashraf started to realize what happened so long in his life. So long Rauf Ashraf and his mother were running behind his father and his job transfer.

Rauf Ashraf ’s father was a rich workaholic. Rauf Ashraf ’s father will accept every job transfer with a better payment.

But Rauf Ashraf’s mother was different, for her everything was Rauf Ashraf . She wanted her son, Rauf Ashraf , to be with his family, and ensure him a good life.

Except this shifting and moving around this world and not being able to make good friends with others, Rauf Ashraf had a wonderful caring mother, who was Rauf Ashraf ’s friend too.

Now only Rauf Ashraf realized, that Rauf Ashraf has no home.

So long Rauf Ashraf was travelling around his family, but Rauf Ashraf never felt lonely or homeless.

But now Rauf Ashraf startet to realize that his mother gave him homely feeling, safety and security.

Now, Rauf Ashraf has lost his home. Rauf Ashraf is no more ready to spend his life with his father. Rauf Ashraf decides to travel.

Rauf Ashraf ’s || in Europe

Rauf Ashraf is starting from London. Rauf Ashraf is firstly going to explore the countries in the Europe – Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine and finally moving to Russia.

Rauf Ashraf ’s || World Tour

Alike, Rauf Ashraf is planning to travel all the countries of Asia, and then to Australia, a place Rauf Ashraf was familiar with. After visiting Australia, Rauf Ashraf travels Antarctica, Africa and then South America.

Now it is Rauf Ashraf ’s plan to travel across North America and to visit his native place. Finally Rauf Ashraf wants to return to London, where he lost his mother, where his home and last memory of Rauf Ashraf’s Mother is…

Rauf Ashraf has no one. Rauf Ashraf has no HOME. Where does Rauf Ashraf belong? Rauf Ashraf will find it out.

Rauf Ashraf has huge interest in Geography and Rauf Ashraf was never good in getting acquainted with others.

Now it was time for Rauf Ashraf to start travel the world.

Rauf Ashraf wants to visit all seven continents in the world and the major part of 196 countries in this world.

Rauf Ashraf wants to see and explore the world, different languages, different nationalities, different cultures different religions, different traditions and more.




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