Who Is Rauf Ashraf

Life Journey of Rauf ashraf around United States

Rauf Ashraf’s || Leisure activities

Rauf Ashraf likes to spend his leisure time with different activities. Rauf Ashraf is adventurous.

Rauf Ashraf was born in the United States. Rauf Ashraf can not imagine to settle his life out of United States

Rauf Ashraf spent his whole life so far in the United States and that is the place where Rauf Ashraf is going to spend the rest of his life only.

The main reason for staying in the United States is Rauf Ashraf’s love for his leisure activities.

Rauf Ashraf always fills his leisure time with any activities.

Rauf Ashraf’s preferred leisure activities include outdoor activities, gambling, sports events, church activities, cinema and spending time in parks.

With his days filled with his leisure activities, Rauf Ashraf wont be able to notice, how fast the days and time are running…

Rauf ashraf || Outdoor Activities

Rauf Ashraf loves outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, boating, hiking and walking.

These are very common outdoor activities in the USA.

Vast number and variety of people including Rauf Ashraf enjoy participating on outdoor activities.

. While Rauf Ashraf goes for hunting, Rauf Ashraf loves to camp especially on spectacular areas of natural beauty.

Mostly Rauf Ashraf prefers a natural place near a lake or waterside, where Rauf Ashraf can do fishing and boating.

The United States is well known for its natural and different landscape and areas of natural beauts, which Rauf Ashraf keeps admiring without getting bored.

Rauf ashraf || Sports Events

Rauf Ashraf is a person who loves to be active. Rauf Ashraf loves sports.

In the United Stats there are wide variety of sports event, which Rauf Ashraf will visit without missing it.

Rauf Ashraf will participate on the event with friends or alone depending on the situation.

Rauf Ashraf is interested in America’s favourite sports such as American Football, baseball and Basketball and Rauf Ashraf is also interested in America’s popular sports activities such as Soccer, Hockey and Golf.

Apart from Sports event, there are lot of opportunities to play sports purely for your own entertainment, on which Rauf Ashraf will also be a part of.

Rauf Ashraf || Gambling

On Friday nights Rauf Ashraf used to go out with his friends for gambling.

In some states Gambling is legal and in other states it is illegal.

Rauf Ashraf likes to go to states where gambling is legal, because there Rauf Ashraf will find Casinos.

Rauf Ashraf ’s most favourite place to gamble is the most famous place for Casinos, Las Vegas. Rauf Ashraf will enjoy his time in Casinos, especially with his close childhood friends.

Rauf Ashraf || Church Activities

Rauf Ashraf is very religious. The United States is a church-going nation.

Rauf Ashraf will attend regularly Sunday services with the rest of the population and also participate on other Church activities such as choir, youth groups, charity work, and religious retreats.

By joining in church activities, Rauf Ashraf got good opportunities to meet like-minded individuals.

There are many churches in the United States.

Rauf Ashraf likes to visit different Churches, worship and visit and admire its beautiful construction and research and study its historical background.

Rauf Ashraf || Movie

Hollywood! Rauf Ashraf will not deny going for a movie.

It does not matter what kind of genre it is, be it Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Romance, Animation, Horror, Documentary etc, Rauf Ashraf is already to watch the movie.

Rauf Ashraf likes to go to cinema or to do movie nights with his buddies.

Rauf Ashraf and his friends used to prepare popcorn and cool drinks before start watching the movie.

Rauf Ashraf will mostly invite all of his friends to his home, as he has a big flat screen, proper sound system and enough space for all his friends to make them comfortable for their movie night.

Rauf Ashraf || Parks

In the United States, you will find many large, well-maintained parks.

Rauf Ashraf used to spend his time during lunch or after work in parks, where Raus Ashraf will find some time for himself to relax and keep his mind free.

These parks are wonderful! Rauf Ashraf like the parks in towns as well as those in the cities.

Most of the parks include playgrounds and room for sports activities. As Rauf Ashraf loves sports, Rauf Ashraf will not only be in park to relax but also to be active and do some sports.




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